Stone Information

Stone Information
Item# AQU-901-8

Product Description

Aquamarine, know as the "Sea gem", has a well established history in the gemstone world.
Because if its durability and soft color, it has been extensively used in all kinds of jewelry - from silver to fine platinum.

Derived from the Roman word "Aqua," meaning water, and "mare," meaning sea, this gorgeous blue gem does indeed resemble the color of seawater. True to its name, the march birthstone - aquamarine is found in a variety of stunning blues.

    Aquamarine crystals are transparent light blue -green in color. Clean blue stones with less green are considered higher grade.
    Transparent clean light to deep blue with occasional green tint color stones are used as gemstones with gold and silver jewelry
    It is know to help husbands and wives work out their differences and ensure a long and happy marriage makes it a good anniversary gift. Aquamarine also protects against the wiles of the devil.
    It is know as an uplifting / feel good stone.
  • BEADS:
    Most Aquamarine beads are made in India and Hong Kong
  • ROUGH:
    The rough Aquamarine stone is mined in Brazil, Zambia, Mozambique, Angola and Nigeria
    Aquamarine is the Birthstone for the month of March
    On Moh's Hardness scale= 7.0

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