Learn Gemstones

Gemstones are divided into two basic categories -
"Precious" and "Semi-precious"
The "precious" stones and their hardness are:
  • Diamond, hardness 10 (carbon)
  • Sapphire, hardness 9 (corundum)
  • Ruby, hardness 9 (red corundum)
  • Emerald, hardness 8 (green beryl)
  • Topaz, hardness 8 (silicate of aluminum)
  • Aquamarine, hardness 7.5-8 (a form of beryl)

                               and many more....

The "semiprecious" stones and their colors are:
  • Garnet - deep Burgundy-Red to raspberry red
  • Amethyst - soft translucent purple
  • Citrine - Bright yellow
  • Carnellion - warm red to orange
  • Peridot - light green

and many more......

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More info. on each stone: 
Every (well, almost every..) gemstone's individual page has a icon  of "Stone Info."  which leads to the "Facts" page. Here you will find Chemical, Metaphysical, Medical, and a lots of other useful information on the stone.