Green Tourmaline Mozambique Emerald Cut

Green Tourmaline Mozambique Emerald Cut
Item# TR0057
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Product Description

Green Tourmaline Mozambique Emerald Cut
Description:  Green Tourmaline Mozambique Emerald Cut
Weight: 1.13 Ct.
Size: 5.7 X 5.5 X 4 mm
Shape: Emerald Cut
Luster: Superior
Color: Green
Treatment: UNHEATED
Origin: Mozambique
Hardness: 7.0-7.5
Clarity: SI

SI1 - SI2
I1 - I2
Internally Flawless
Very Very Slightly Included
Very Slightly Included
Slightly Included
"Loupe-Clean" or "10X clean" ~100% Clean - Exceptional quality with no inclusion(s) visible using a 10X loupe.
"Near Loupe-Clean" Excellent quality with only slight inclusion(s) or irregularity with a 10X loupe.
Contains inclusions might be visible under naked eye, but doesn't hamper the inner beauty
"Near Eye-Clean" ~ Inclusion(s) may be seen with the naked-eye but do not affect or interfere with the overall beauty of the gem
"Included-Declasse"~ Heavily Included -stones not transparent because of inclusions.

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