Facts on Apatite

Facts on Apatite
Apatite is not commonly seen in the gemstone world due to its delicate composition. It is a heat sensitive stone, that is hard to cut due to its hardness index only of 5. But besides all that, it offers a unique color that is not matched by any other stone, and so the stone found its way into the jewelry world. There are a handfull on skilled cutters around the world who cut this stone and cut it well... as see by some very exclusive peices available on our website.

    Apatite is soft stone with chemical composition of SiO2.

    Transparent clean light green-yellow color stones are used as gemstones with gold and silver jewelry. Also available in voilet color.



  • BEADS:
    Most Apatite jewelry and beads are made in India

  • ROUGH:
    The rough Apatite stone is mined in Burma, Ceylon, Madagascar, Mexico, Canada, and India


    On Moh's Hardness scale= 5.0