Facts on Amethyst

Facts on Amethyst
Amethyst, clasically know as the "Purple gem", has a well established history in the gemstone world.
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    Amethyst is a form of Quartz which is transparent light lavender to deep purple in color.

    Transparent clean deep purple/lavender color stones are used as gemstones with gold and silver jewelry

    It is know to draw out negativity and increase well being. To receive this stone as a gift is considered good luck, however, if ever stolen, bad luck to the thief. In the Middle Ages it was used to ward off harm and increase chivalry, loyalty and honesty. Catholic's thought amethyst encouraged celibacy and symbolize piety.

    Most commonly said to help prevent drunkenness. It also prevents form various overindulgences. It is also known for it's calming properties and protection from plagues.

  • BEADS:
    Most Amethyst jewelry and beads are made in India and Hong Kong

  • ROUGH:
    The rough Amethyst stone is mined in Brazil, Uraguay, Bolivia, Madagascar, Arizona, Russia and Africa

    Amethyst is the Birthstone for the month of February

    On Moh's Hardness scale= 7.0