1st Time Buyers

Six  things  you  need  to  know  before  you  start  shopping -

  1. All beads are Genuine Gemstone's
  2. Majority of beads are made in India or Hong Kong
  3. All beads are sold at the marked prices
  4. Minimum order is $100
  5. All shipping charges are added later
  6. International orders have surcharge based on their location.
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Wholesale  buyers - 

    1. Wholesale buyers get 50% DISCOUNT on their Entire order over $500
    2. Minimum order for this price is $1000
    3. Discount is calculated in our office and will may show up on the invoice generated from the internet order!

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Shipping  Methods -

  1. All orders are shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service) unless you specify otherwise
  2. No PO Boxes please
  3. Available options are USPS Priortiy Mail (Ground - FREE), USPS Exprese Mail (Overnight) , USPS Global Express Mail (International Mail).

Our  commitment  and  Guarantee -

  1. 100% Secure server - we use Yahoo server which is one of the most secure    server available!
  2. Customer information is Never sold or traded
  3. Product satisfaction guarantee - 15 days

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Payment methods -

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express 

Color stone Guide -

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Freshwater Pearls -

    • WHITE: The color range in this category varies from White to Off White.
    • GREY: These pearls vary from dark gray to highly lustrous gray that sparkles spectrum.
    • PINK: These pearls vary from light pink to lavender-pink color
    • GOLD: The color vary here from copper to light golden

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